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Why Professional Anglers love Tassie Salmon Fish Oil Mix

June 06, 2023

Tassie Salmon Fish Oil has been a main-stay in Aussie fishing circles since forever! As a small, dedicated South Australian business, we speak to many of you every day and love hearing the stories of how your weekend was upgraded by using our Fishing and Crabbing Oil to ensure you have more fun, grab a bigger catch and keep all the mouths and stomachs of family members happy!

Over the years we have been able to support a massive amount of professional anglers and today, we thought it was time to highlight what some of them  say when talking about why they use Tassie Salmon Fish Oil Mix. Below are two of our favourites that we thought we would share. If you are lookin' to upgrade your fishing/crabbing weekend, make sure you stop by the shop and tackle the big catch with our irresistible mixes.

My name is Shane Murton, and I’m a qualified journalist and owner/editor of Fishing SA magazine, a 100-page bi-monthly fishing publication that’s currently in its 16th year of production.

I have over 25 years of experience in fishing media, both editing state and national titles, and as a prolific contributor to many books/magazines/videos, and have travelled and fished extensively both in Australia and overseas.

We have been frequently using Tassie Salmon Fish Oil now for over a year, and it has become the cornerstone of our fishing attack in many scenarios. Catching fish and documenting the experience is a large part of what we do, and this product is something we don’t leave home without. From a surface scent when chasing larger targets like sharks down to smaller garfish, through to a berley/bait enhancer, it has without question helped increase our results.

Tassie Salmon Fish Oil is a versatile product that we utilise in numerous roles. It can be used to generate a surface slick, whereby the oil is slowly added to the water to create a lengthy trail for fish to follow back to its source (the angler). This method can be deadly on both big and small targets that feed near the surface, as it allows you to broadcast your berley trail a significant distance and draw fish in from a wide area.

The oil is also a great additive to a range of berley mixtures, and will offer a strong and long lasting desirable smell to any ingredients it’s mixed with. As a bait enhancer it can be used to spice up a range of typically used offerings, from squid strips through to other typical bait and shellfish types.

The addition of the oil does seem to give you an edge, and creates a mini berley trail coming from your bait, increasing its attraction.

Having used many oils and additives over the years, the Tassie Salmon Fish Oil sticks out from the crowd due to the phenomenal slick it’s able to create on the surface, and generally dependable fish attracting qualities when used in a multitude of roles. Quite simply our catch rate has improved and we’ll be sticking with it for the foreseeable future.

Owner / Editor Fishing SA Magazine

I’m Tracey Tito Skipper, of Team Justagirl. We are an all female fishing crew and members of the Game Fishing Club of South Australia. “Get Hooked with Team Justagirl” is in its 3rd season on Australian Television and is the first and only female fishing show in Australia.

We been using the Tassie Salmon Fish oil range for over a year now and have found we use it in several areas of our fishing.

Berley: The oil slick achieved from using the Salmon oil in the burley pot is great, It doesn’t dissipate as quickly as the Tuna oils and fish oils we have used in the past. We have also used it in crab nets with an oil-soaked sponge, the crabs were all over it.

Reel protectant: A light wipe over of reels before fishing with the Salmon oil keeps the salt from attaching and makes the rods and reel easy to clean after a day’s fishing. Unlike a lot of other products, we have used it does not go clumpy and build up in crevasses. I also use this to wipe over other fishing gear like our hook out gun, tag gun and Gaffs, it keeps rust off. (It also makes a great hand moisturiser and knowing its 100% pure you can).

I also use the Tassie Salmon Pet products (Anuera Animal Nutrition) for my older dog. He is arthritic and his movement has improved massively with adding a squirt to his dinner each night. He doesn’t appear to have as much joint pain and can enjoy his walks again.

We love that we can use a 100% Australian owned/sourced and made product in not only our fishing world but also at home. We prefer this over other products we have used as it's very cost effective, easy to use and does exactly what its claimed to do.

Tracey Tito
Fishing Trips with Skip
Get Hooked with Team Justagirl
Channel 44 & 31
Event Co ordinator
Skipper - Team justagirl

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